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RE: GSBN:Bamboo, clay and "worlds largest building"

Please keep in mind that there has been no final decision regarding the
design yet.  These decisions will be made in the next few weeks.

Keeping that in mind:
  What diameter will the bamboo be?  
[Rikki:] it will be 6cm in diameter, every 50cm (vertical); there will be
horizontal bars and triangulation to increase rigidity...there will be both
inner and outer "frames" with the bales in between and the two frames tied
together between courses of bales...

Will it be
> notched into the straw bales to some extent, or will it sit on the
> surface?
[Rikki:] it will sit on the surface
> Will all the bamboo be in the middle of the wall sections, where the
> plaster must bridge it, to form a continuous plaster layer? 
[Rikki:] on the outside we will have to plaster over the bamboo for fire
reasons; On the inside we will try to finish the plaster at the bamboo, so
that it can be seen...although fire regulations may insist that we cover it.


> --On February 23, 2007 5:34:32 PM +0100 Rikki  Nitzkin
> rikkinitzkin@... wrote:
> > One of our ãproblemsä is to solve the encounters between the clay
> > and bamboo.  We have never worked with bamboo.  We will be doing
> > testing, but are interested in recommendations on how to solve the
> > problem of the clay sticking to the bamboo (I understand it is not
> > porous at all) without it cracking.  I fear that if we nail or screw
> > something on it the bamboo will split, and don«t know if a
> > ãkey-coatä of  casein paint with sand/straw will be enough to
> > keep the clay on·Any ideas?
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