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RE: GSBN:Bamboo, clay and "worlds largest building"

Dear Rikki,

We used date palm branches (leaves removed) as external pins for a privacy
wall.  They are irregular in diameter, and very smooth.  Vertical cracks
developed parallel to these poles where there was less than 4-5 cm of earth
plaster.  To have avoided and now to repair the cracks we have used the
1. the plaster coat between the pole and the exterior needs to be 4-5 cm
thick, monolithic with the wall plaster, using long straw until the final
2. a strip of plastic or fiberglass mesh (we utilized ripped bug screens)
about 10-15 cm wide placed over the pole inside the plaster creates
continuity within the plaster.  The Steens use burlap / hemp for this over
wooden posts.  We use this over steel posts embedded in the plaster.

In both cases above where the repair plaster was obviously different from
the original finish we sculpted on additional material to create sculpted
vines climbing the walls(filling the cracks).

I would suggest considering leaving large gauge posts exposed on the
internal side thereby avoiding the problem.  Coat the bales with a strip of
plaster where before they are placed up against the bamboo posts for fire
protection.  When the wall plaster dries and will be obviously disconnected
from the bamboo you will know that underneath the sb's are coated.  If you
don't like the crack you can place molding or a hemp rope on/in the gap.
Alex Cicelsky
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Hi all!

One of our "problems" is to solve the encounters between the clay and
bamboo.  We have never worked with bamboo.  We will be doing testing, but
are interested in recommendations on how to solve the problem of the clay
sticking to the bamboo (I understand it is not porous at all) without it
cracking.  I fear that if we nail or screw something on it the bamboo will
split, and don&#xAB;t know if a "key-coat" of  casein paint with sand/straw will
be enough to keep the clay on...Any ideas?




Rikki Nitzkin 

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