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Re: GSBN:Bamboo, clay and "worlds largest building"

At 07:40 AM 2/25/2007, Tom Wolley wrote:
Dear Rikki  -there is a German company called BAMBUTEC
I have no idea what they are like or where they get their bamboo from
but it might be worth contacting them

Dear Rikki & Maren --  Our friend, Kyle Young, who is a bamboo grower
and natural builder wrote:

....... It all depends on the clay mix and the species of bamboo you
intend to use.  For instance, I have great results with my cob mixes
sticking very well to  say, Dendroclamus asper.  Fermented nopal
juice will add much adhesion properties to any clay mix for many
species of bamboo.  A little lime in the mix also helps.  For more
information see my web site; <a  target="_blank" href="http://web.mac.com/camelboo";>http://web.mac.com/camelboo</a>.  You must
enter all the characters to get to the site.  The narrated slide show
podcasts may be the most informative.  Im also working on a similar
design here at my farm, however on a much smaller scale. This design
has been entered in the international bamboo house design
competition.  My entry can be seen at
www.bamboocompetition.com/show.html.  Click on the "affordable
housing" catagroy, then click on entry 1229.
I cant stress enough how important it will be to use a high quality
construction grade species of bamboo for this project as well as
thouroughly testing clay samples with bamboo before settling on
one.  The biggest challange may be to do this project using local (or
at least regional) resources as much as possible.  There is a place
just over the Pyrennes (sp?) that may be one of the best sources for
bamboo.  If species of Dinoderous occurs in the area, all bamboo must
be treated with boron solutions via the Bouchere method.
Hope this helps.
Kyle Young


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