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Re: GSBN:Compression for infill

Hi Ozzie John - no you can have Killamanmount thanks, but have fun.

What we call all-thread is effectively a meter long rod with no head or
plain shank that is threaded its entire length to fit a normal nut. We use
them as long bolts for post/pole and beam work by cutting them to length and
putting a washer and nut on each end.

Reid bar is a system here that sounds like your Booker Rod - it looks a bit
like deformed reinforcing rod but which takes screw-on joiners, anchors, and
nuts.  It seems it is in Ozzie. Websites: www.reids.co.nz in NZ  or
www.reids.com.au in Oz. I have seen similar stuff in the US.

We use them in earth walls in shorter lengths (say 1.2m or so lengths) as
they are quick and easy to join without welding, come galvanised, and save
lifting heavy bricks up to the sky and down again over vertical reinforcing.

I can see that they would do the job you describe very easily.  I assume you
place them carefully so that they end up embedded within the outer layers of
straw and can then be simply plastered over.


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