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Re: GSBN:new members

Bruce, very timely.  I didn't know that Darrel had already been nominated.
I was about to nominate him myself.  Last week I forwarded Rikki Nitzkin's
question about bamboo, clay, etc. to Darrel,  and he answered as follows:

"The outside of the bamboo is a waxy, waterproof surface.  Clay won't stick
unless you boil off the wax and coat it with something like epoxy.  The
all-parallel fibers will split if you put a nail into it. Through bolts work
better.  Depending of which of the 1500 species you're talking about, at
what age you harvest it, where on the culm you draw from, how it is cured,
whether there are insects there that like it, whether you have the right
drill bits, what the humidity is, whether you're in direct sun, there may be
other issues.  How do you tell someone everything you know in one free

His answer demonstrates his thorough knowledge of bamboo.  The last sentence
of demonstrates his sometimes sarcastic sense of humor and that he's
probably been giving away too much of his time and expertise lately (like
many of us).  On Saturday (after seeing a presentation that Darrel arranged
from Oscar Hidalgo, Colombian architect and bamboo expert) I explained the
nature of the GSBN to him and he said he is interested.  In addition to his
worldwide experience with bamboo, Darrel has considerable experience with
straw bale and other methods of natural building.  He would be a very good
addition to the GSBN.

So yes, I second the nomination of Darrel DeBoer

Martin Hammer
California, USA

> What happened to the nomination of Darrel DeBoer  <
> Darrel@...> ?
> Is he on, or what?  A real bamboo expert -- and straw bale architect --
> would be a valuable addition.  Any more seconds?
> Bruce King, PE
> Director, Ecological Building Network  ( www.ecobuildnetwork.org )