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GSBN:what's on in Europe April/May

Second like Kuba,

back from a weeks trip here a request, please contact Lorinda if you do have
suggestions for her lorinda_curnow@...

Thanks, Martin Oehlmann

Hello there -

My name is Lorinda and I am a friend of Celena Hayward (Australian) who came
to help build your strawbale house in France.  I too am interested in
strawbale and am travelling to UK in April and May.
I was interested to see if there were also strawbale projects/workshops in
Europe that i could volunteer for -maybe in exchange for room and food
during April/May?

Celena suggested that your brother was building in strawbale in Germany or
that perhaps you had some other contacts for projects in Europe.  I would be
keen to find out any information you might have that could connect me to
this kind of work.

Many thanks - hope to hear from you soon

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Even though I don't know Ana Marija, I can't help myself to second her
nomination to GSBN. Programme of ECO SENSE in Croatia impresses me. Thank
you Catherine for a connection to this part of the world.



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Dear All --  Yesterday I spoke with Robert
Schenk, a member of a new network in Croatia called EkoSense.
He was ordering a number of books and videos for
the group to become more familiar with strawbale
construction. Currently the GSBN has no members in Croatia.

I suggested that one of their members could
potentially join the GSBN to represent their
group, and strawbale construction in Croatia.  He
suggested that member be Ana Marija Unkovic
aunkovic@...  - who I would now like to nominate.

I hope that in general you-all agree. In addition
to the books & videos they ordered, I will be
donating a set of back issues of TLS to the
group, to help bring them up to speed.  Also, I
have sent them information for the upcoming
European Strawbale conference in Germany, in
August, which should be an excellent event to attend.
  Thank you for your consideration.  -- Catherine

Below is information about their network, and
here is a short message from Ana Marija:

>I am an architect and recently I became chairman on board  of EkoSense.
>They love to call me an architect, but there is a lot of things I should
>learn about ecological building  and therefore I am a beginer and a student
>in such enviromental caring approach to architecture. We have already
>collect some books and I have started with my education, but soon we will
>need some practical advices and proffesionals to teach us how to build, and
>how to think when things come to the construction sites. So, thank you for
>your care and effort to help us in all fields we need, and first we need
>education and connections with you and all experts in eco building,
>permaculture and everything that is connected with a goal of beeing in
>harmony with Nature and ourselves.
>And thank you for nominating us for GSBN.

EkoSense  --  We create a Culture of living in harmony with Nature
  Ecological Building
         We acquire land in order to Create
Shelter in a balanced and nature-friendly manner.

         We adapt the architecture to the natural
landscape, applying traditional ways of building,
using local materials and implementing new
ecological technologies like passive/active solar
power, wind turbines, heat pumps, water recycle systems etc.
         Ecological building also puts focus on
traditional handcrafts and arts for the
construction and the interior of the buildings,
like woodwork, blacksmithing, weaving and tanning.

         Creating Shelter implies a comfortable
atmosphere for people and animals to come back to
nature and themselves. We utilize beautiful
design, organic shapes, restful ambiance, healthy
materials, comfortable beds and a good kitchen.

Sustainable Agriculture  --   We apply knowledge
and technics of Permanent agriculture.

         Permaculture is a science of designing
and managing the land by creating a balanced
human environment in nature, taking care of
flora, fauna, buildings and infrastructure
(water, energy, road connections) and its interrelations.

         The goal is to create ecological and
economical systems that are sustainable in itself
by observing and respecting already existing
natural systems and thereby making the natural
surroundings a richer source of energy and improving the profit of the land.

         Permaculture combines wisdom attained
from traditional agriculture and modern
scientific techniques without exhausting or polluting the environment.

         We support biodegradible manuring,
ecological water management, organic food
production, respecting bio-diversity,
environmental friendly sowing and harvesting.

         We connect locally, nationally and
internationally in order to find partners and
share knowledge on sustainable living. The
foundation is forming an open platform, a network
with easy access to quality information and
practical knowledge on all fields ecologically based.

         This shared information can range from
finding materials, tools, workforce,
eco-architecture and building techniques,
financial aid and legal advice to a way of
promoting the services and products.

         Different projects within the foundation
create a network, knowledge, accommodation, work,
products and education in ecological building and
agriculture as well as training and personal development.

         In order to create awareness and to
support ecological initiatives we will create a
platform that offers online current information
and databases, publish articles to share
experience and we organize gatherings like
seminars, hands-on workshops and cultural
festivities to invite and welcome everybody who is interested in our

.....finally proving that, Ecological does not mean
restriction and reduction but opening new possibilities in abundance!

         BOZIDAR & MARIJA YERKOVICH - EkoCentar Lipa www.ekolipa.com
         are creating a premier destination for
people who seek to bring their lives into balance
by learning to live mindfully. EcoCentar Lipa is
created to allow people to authentically connect
to their life, meaning and purpose by creating
and exploring different experiences. A place of
deep inquiry and inspiration, dedicated to the
transformation of heart, mind and culture.
Bozidar is active entrepreneur in building
business and doctor of biophysics. Marija has a
master`s degree in group psychology.

         ROBERT SCHENK - EcoExtreme -- is
specialising in ecobuilding combining traditional
and high-tech materials. Beside creating
individual property on U?ka he prepares a project
of demo-village in Kordun accommodating commune
of people in different types of houses,
permacultural activities, sciences and arts.
Robert is inventor, entrepreneur, graduated
cellist and founder of Accord case Co.

ANA-MARIJA UNKOVI®  is an architect specializing
in ecological and passive building. She is
full-time engaged in all mentioned projects as
designer and information provider on legal and
practical issues (design, materials, quality control, labour, etc.)
DAVOR PENTEK - Natura Studio
         is active director in three companies
operating worldwide. Beside his "Natura Studio"
specialised in passive building in countryside
areas, he expanded his interest and investments
in ecological food production, traditional
crafts, animal care as well as implementing new supporting technologies.

         IGOR DRANDIC - Eko-art center EIA www.eia.com
         owns a place for ecological education.
He has immerced everyday life in meadow and
forest, caring for animals and plants. He hand
built houses of timber and straw, energy from
wind and sun. He organises workshops aimed at
improving the relation to people and nature.
During his extensive travels Igor lived on
different continents and experienced life in many
cultures. With his wife Lili he lives on their permaculture property near

         IVAN TVRTKOVI® - Avellana
         is entrepreneur and chairman of the
board of the agricultural co-operative
"Avellana". They plan to grow organic nuts and
fruits, as well as producing bio-diesel, in still intact areas of Croatia.

         FRANK & ALICE FREESTONE  - U?ka Lodge www.uckalodge.com
         have restored a traditional stone house
in Ucka Nature Park to create an
educational  eco-tourism destination.
Encompassing nature, tradition and culture, to
promote sustainable living with minimal
environmental impact. Frank is experienced entrepreneur in building

         PETER SCHELTUS - Bogata Suma www.liveyourdreams.nl
         Bogata Suma 1, a high quality small eco
resort that is in construction in Vojnic
(Kordun), with excellent kitchen -fresh products
out of own garden- and accommodation. Young
people will be invited to become co-entrepreneurs
of sustainability in a countryside once more
'sexy'. This cooperation will be based on
learning by doing. Creating an atmosphere of
restful belonging in life. For guests and
partners. Peter is an experienced coach/trainer,
blacksmith and has a Ph.D. in project management.

         is revitalizing all but forgotten arts
of traditional building, tool making and doing
agriculture the way that predates tractors and
chemical fertilizers on his famliy farm in Donji
Lapac. He is planting and making selection of
heilroom seed varieties, all in the effort to
produce food that will go even beyond today's
organic cetificates when it comes to taste and aroma.

         DRAGAN KNEZEVI® (GAGI) - Alter Ars d.o.o. www.alter-ars.com
         is human development trainer and
personal coach. His role is to put together
puzzle pieces and facilitate the various
initiatives and projects lead by one single
vision. Dragan's call is to extend our network
and welcome other people in nature, in their
natural sanctuaries and in themselves.

         owns an individual estate in Slovenia,
were he works based on permacultural principles
in building and in use of land. Emphasising on
technical craftsmanship and working with metal.

         MIRO KORAC
         is master of all trades. He made a
living by maintaining, repairing and building in
urban and rural areas. Innovative creator
out-of-nothing, precise and patient technician,
builder and handyman. Years of walking in the
woods of Kordun and passion for nature inspired
him to open mind for combining his skills and
sustainable building and agriculture.

         NENAD BACH www.nenadbach.com www.croatia.org
         is composer, performer, producer,
entrepreneur.  Played all over the world.
Environmentally conscious. Would like to see
Croatia become a world oasis where one can find
silence. Genius of artisanship is growing in
Croatia right now. He wants this concept to be
recognized and supported. On a more practical
level, he as a civil engineer is ready to build unthinkable with the

         has practical knowledge and experience
in entrepreneurship consulting as well as skills
of finding available financial funds and making
project applications. She's a great supporter of
the projects and activities and will assist the
managers to represent their projects to the
target group and interested parties as well as
communicate with government and NGOs, communities
and other stakeholders and donors in order to
increase their awareness and support to the foundation's projects.

         is a Dutch representative in Croatia
with experience in tourism, hospitality,
organising cultural events and has a university
degree in communication and public relations. She
has a special interest in promoting eco-tourism
and education, by combining learning with
creativity and fun in a natural, relaxed and playful setting.

         SLOBODAN MAROJEVI® - Eolmeteo www.eolmeteo.hr
         has a company for all works in
construction businesses, trades and installations
of solar FV systems, wind turbines, mini
hydro-turbines, solar heating and meteorological
systems and equipment. For all type of business
in construction and installation, Eolmeteo
provides many friendly specialised co-operants.

         is graduating macro-economist connecting
her passion for nature and interest in
sustainable development. Beside supporting the
foundations activities, she also finds her place
as an active member "in the field".

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