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GSBN:Re: GSBN:Health and Safety in Strawbale construction

<x-charset koi8-r>Hi, Maren and all,

I have some information concers health and safety-study of SB housing for Chernobyl refugies and history of using straw for improving health/baby health and protection against geopatogenic zones in natural belorussian /russian houses/my article on this topic  was published in last issue of "Architect and Construction of Russia" magazine (sorry, in Russian)/.

Probably, it will be translated in English in one-two weeks.


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Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2007 03:37:48 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: GSBN:Health and Safety in Strawbale construction

> Hi All, 
> I have to write a health and safety-study about strawbale construction. I wanted to ask if some of you used to design and build sb-houses include this in your written building-projects. If some of you could help me, that would be great, the idea is not to forget any  health-and safety aspect.
> If any of you can or wants to share their documents with me, please send them to autoconstruccin@...
> Thank you very much, 
> Greetings from Spain, 
> Maren Termens
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