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Re: GSBN:Straw-bale LEED-Gold building... "worlds first"??

It was an HOK project.
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.hoksustainabledesign.com/news/current/718d777e-bbfb-038f-237a-509e91e89857.htm";>http://www.hoksustainabledesign.com/news/current/718d777e-bbfb-038f-237a-509e91e89857.htm</a>

I've heard that Tom Nelson has left the firm. I've also heard rumors
of questionable design and implementation.


At 07:14 AM 3/8/2007, you wrote:
So, one of my crew passed this link along to me...

<<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.interiordesign.net/id_newsarticle/CA6404395.html";>http://www.interiordesign.net/id_newsarticle/CA6404395.html</a>><a  target="_blank" href="http://www.interiordesign.net/id_newsarticle/CA6404395.html";>http://www.interiordesign.net/id_newsarticle/CA6404395.html</a>

...about a huge new CNG fueling facility for the City of Santa
Clarita in California that is built using straw-bale and is LEED-Gold

Does anyone know anything about, or did they work with HOK on this?

Maren, I guess this falls into the "very big" building category for
your research for your project.  I am sure Charles Smith, the Project
Manager for HOK that they mention in the article, would have some
insight about costs and health and safety issues, if you could get in
touch with him.

Does anyone have a contact with him?  David E., do you have any
contacts at their "Green Team" that might be useful here?  I will see
what I can dredge up through my "conventional" world connections to

Finally, when you read the article, notice the first sentence.  How
many times over the many years of this work have we all read this,
about our work and others?  Is it "the future" yet?...  Just

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