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Re: GSBN:Another big one on the way

Michael Furbish and Rick Truett, both from Furbish Co., were at ISBBC.
They seem to be pretty sharp guys. I don't know the extent of their
experience either, but they seem to be doing their homework.
I've had a bit of contact as they have asked for moisture sensors from
me for the school, which I am providing. I don't know too many details
about the design or detailing except that their plasters will be
earthen on the inside (they have consulted with Tim Owen Kennedy) and
lime on the ext.

Joyce Coppinger wrote:


I met someone at ISBBC/Canada who was part of the Furbish Co. if my memory
serves me. Will go back through my notes and see what I can share with you.


on 3.8.2007 7:55 AM, Mark Piepkorn at 

And who is Furbish Co.? Beats me. From their website, it appears that

they've done one SB McMansion (which a Google search seems to
indicate is Mike Furbish's own residence). I'm just sayin'.

<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.furbishco.com/";>http://www.furbishco.com/</a>

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