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Re: GSBN:Straw-bale LEED-Gold building... "worlds first"??

 Hi all,

 I just have a moment - trying to catch up on e-mail between meetings prep for meetings and conference calls, etc. Michael Furbish and Rick Truett are two very smart guys seriously trying to do things right and as deeply green as they can. I've consulted on the Friends School and visited the site in January. As Bruce said, they're really trying to be in learning and research and careful execution mode all the time.

 I'll try to write more as time permits, but have to run.

 David Eisenberg

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  On Mar 8, 2007, at 4:14 AM, Tom Hahn wrote:

 > So, one of my crew passed this link along to me...
 > <<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.interiordesign.net/id_newsarticle/CA6404395.html";>http://www.interiordesign.net/id_newsarticle/CA6404395.html</a>>http://
 > www.interiordesign.net/id_newsarticle/CA6404395.html
 > ...about a huge new CNG fueling facility for the City of Santa
 > Clarita in California that is built using straw-bale and is LEED-Gold
 > certified.
 > Does anyone know anything about, or did they work with HOK on this?

 I, and at least one other unnamed person on this list, were called in
 to fix the many screwups made by the architect (both firm and lead
 designer) and the structural engineer in designing that building. I
 believe most fixes were made before they finished the building, but so
 far as I could see it was a stunning case of architectural hubris -- no
 one ever heeded the advice they were given to seek local SB help in
 design, and they completely ignored the many well-articulated concerns
 of the straw bale builder before construction -- who they then tried to
 scapegoat when things got ugly.

 I suppose the building will perform well enough now, but that project
 alone hugely diminished my regard for the architect, the engineer, and
 LEED for giving it a gold certification.


 an unnamed structural engineer

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