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Re: GSBN:Straw-bale LEED-Gold building... "worlds first"??


Your concerns are so deeply felt that I don't think they can be
overdone.  I have witnessed so many poorly executed project that some
people think they can do all on their own, it worries me.  I think this
topic alone would be a good one for an article in TLS or at least worthy
of discussion in other forums.

The amount of information and help available these days regarding bale
walls is so easy to come by it makes you wonder why some people feel
like they need to re-invent the wheel.  In part, bale construction seems
to attract people who do not want to spend much money.  On occasion when
we are approached for our services, we get the rolling eyes due to our
fees.  $2,000 seems too much to pay for quality engineering on a
$300,000 home to some people.  They will go to great lengths to avoid
those particular costs.  It is still baffling to me when these are such
large investments meant to last many generations.

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