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GSBN:Fwd: top of wall

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From: aaronmd@...
Subject: [nbne] top of wall

Hey Mark,

Thanks for getting feedback to our questions.  I was most interested
in the top of wall issue.  Dr. Straube says air barrier, no vapor
barrier, but why.  That's what I was most wanting to know, why?  Is it
possible to press him a little further?

My question assumes that attic insulation is resting on top of the
bale wall.  Is it safe to allow vapor to migrate into, say an
insulated cieling/ roof?  These insulated roofs seem to be problem
areas for moisture.  A vapor barrier at the top of the wall would not
be like having a vapor barrier on the outside since there is
insulation piled on top, or perhaps it may be a cold enough spot to
cause condensation?