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Re: GSBN:Another big one on the way

Hi All,

I've been holding Michael Furbish and Ricks hand for almost two years now.
they get it better than any one Ive worked with. The engineers on the other
hand were a lot harder to convince even with Bruce and I on the Phone saying
things like. higher performance and cheaper to build this way...they went
thata way.

I just got back from a week there to inspect the Bales, Lath detailing, and
show them all the earth plaster and lime plaster tricks I know for
commercial buildings. Yes, David and Bruce, the only Cement left on these
walls is in the gymnasium. Michael just told me that they have a pool of
slip 21'(6.5M) diameter and 3'(1M)Deep. Hes hoping to earn back some of my
consulting fee by running mud wrestling shows on the weekends...:-)

The only major flub is a fairly large low sloped roof up against a straw
bale wall that was added just recently. does anyone know the perm rating on
Bituthane over dense sheild. less than zero? anyway. good guys and if things
take off in Baltimore I'll be recommending Michael to this list. He is far
more experienced at living roofs and walls than any one I've heard of and
has simplified those pesky edge details like a schwinn to an SUV(sorry for
the americana reference y'all real worlders).

ok nuff said.


Tim Owen-Kennedy
Vital Systems
Ukiah, CA
Mark Piepkorn writes:

This project's been getting a fair bit of press.

- - - - -

<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.bdcnetwork.com/article/CA6410026.html";>http://www.bdcnetwork.com/article/CA6410026.html</a>

Eco-friendly school will use straw-bale construction for walls
When completed this spring, the 26,900-sf Friends Community School in
Greenbelt, Md., will be one of the largest straw-bale structures in
the world. The Building Team specified straw-bale construction
because of its environmental qualities, insulation value, and
durability against wind, pests, and moisture. Designed by
Baltimore-based Hord Coplan Macht, the $5.7 million school will also
feature a vegetated roof, daylight harvesting, and heat-recovery
systems. During cold months, radiant flooring made of stained
concrete will absorb the sun's heat and keep the floors warm. When
sunlight isn't available, the floor will be heated by hot-water
pipes. Surrounded by 17 acres of wilderness, the school will have
large windows to take in views of the wetlands, just 25 feet away.
The facility is expected to earn LEED Silver certification from the
U.S. Green Building Council. Other team members include MEP engineer
Schlenger/Pitz &amp; Associates, Timonium, Md., structural engineer
Skarda &amp; Associates, and straw-bale consultant Furbish Co., both of

- - - - -

And who is Furbish Co.? Beats me. From their website, it appears that
they've done one SB McMansion (which a Google search seems to
indicate is Mike Furbish's own residence). I'm just sayin'.
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.furbishco.com/";>http://www.furbishco.com/</a>