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Re: GSBN:Warning Signs was:Re: [Strawbale] 5 perms / no ventilation; and top-of-wall (Mark Piepkorn)


I like the idea of an early warning system but am wary of the idea of
allowing leaks to the interior.
On Mar 12, 2007, at 19:11, John Swearingen wrote:

Dietmar at DSA in regard to specific details, and I think it deserves a
thread of it's own.  The ability of straw to store moisture has a down
we're discovering--the wall can be soaked and the occupants might not
it.  This is particularly true of a leak is affecting an exterior ,
crawlspace, joist space, or some other area that could go unnoticed.

We used to detail moisture barriers so that water would be shunted to
outside.  Now we're considering shunting any leaks to the inside,
Where it can more readily evaporate due to the higher temperature and
create a nice humid atmosphere.
This system works best with not too big leaks.

where the
(previously) happy homeowner would more quickly notice that there is a
problem.  The initial higher cost of repair (say, to a nice wood floor)
would be offset by early warning that could prevent more expensive
structural damage.