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Re: GSBN:Warning Signs was:Re: [Strawbale] 5 perms / no ventilation; and top-of-wall (Mark Piepkorn)

Hi there,

as far as I know Adam in Paris is evaluating to offer an early warning
system to be build in during the constructions. He thingks of producing sets
of chips which last about 7 years, enough to get over eventual children
sickness. If there is interest this might initiate an intersting venue.

His address under CC.

Best wishes, Martin Oehlmann

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ventilation; and top-of-wall (Mark Piepkorn)

> John,
> I like the idea of an early warning system but am wary of the idea of
> allowing leaks to the interior.
> Rene
> On Mar 12, 2007, at 19:11, John Swearingen wrote:
> > Dietmar at DSA in regard to specific details, and I think it deserves a
> > thread of it's own.  The ability of straw to store moisture has a down
> > side,
> > we're discovering--the wall can be soaked and the occupants might not
> > know
> > it.  This is particularly true of a leak is affecting an exterior ,
> > crawlspace, joist space, or some other area that could go unnoticed.
> >
> > We used to detail moisture barriers so that water would be shunted to
> > the
> > outside.  Now we're considering shunting any leaks to the inside,
> Where it can more readily evaporate due to the higher temperature and
> create a nice humid atmosphere.
> This system works best with not too big leaks.
> > where the
> > (previously) happy homeowner would more quickly notice that there is a
> > problem.  The initial higher cost of repair (say, to a nice wood floor)
> > would be offset by early warning that could prevent more expensive
> > structural damage.