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Re: GSBN:Book

Hello everybody,

We are indeed working on the French version of "Design of SB
Buildings..." but it will defenitely take us more than a few months. I
hope to have it finished early next year.
But you know what they say: "Wanna make God laugh?.... Tell him your plans".

Just got back from a trip in the Algerian desert (watching adobe
(locally called 'Toub') being covered with or replaced by cement). I'll
let you know when the pictures get on our website.


You can order it from RIBA (The Royal Institute of British Architects)
bookstore in London, or from www.chelseagreen.com, who can ship
anywhere, or wait a few months until Andre de Bouter completes a french

Bruce King, PE
Director, Ecological Building Network  ( www.ecobuildnetwork.org )
Publisher, Green Building Press  ( www.greenbuildingpress.com )
11 Mark Drive
San Rafael, CA 94903  USA
(415) 987-7271
bruce@ ecobuildnetwork.org

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