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GSBN:Re: Adobe (was: Book)

I'm interested in Bob's questions, too. Perhaps pre-Moorish earthen construction in Spain was similar to what we now call cob and/or wattle and daub. It's also possible that a technique similar to adobe was used, but the ancient name was replaced by a word introduced by the Moors.

If I remember correctly, the Moors entered Spain around 711 AD. There must be records of the Roman structures in Spain, from earlier periods, but those would tell us what the foreign elite built, not what "the people" were building. I wonder how much is known about pre-Moorish vernacular construction in Spain. Perhaps some of our European members can enlighten us.


--On March 15, 2007 10:48:22 AM -0700 Bob Theis bob@... wrote:


I've read somewhere that the word adobe is  the
Spanish corruption  of the Arabic al - toub.

Which implies the Moors introduced the technique to Spain. Which begs
the question, what were the Spanish using before the Moors came?

Bob Theis

On Mar 15, 2007, at 5:39 AM, André de Bouter wrote:

Hello everybody,

Just got back from a trip in the Algerian desert (watching adobe
(locally called 'Toub') being covered with or replaced by cement).
let you know when the pictures get on our website.


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