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Re: GSBN:Stone Veneer over Bales

At 6:32 PM -0700 3/18/07, Bob Bolles wrote:
We are in the process of designing several "Up-Scale and
Environmentally Friendly", 2-story Straw Bale homes in Southern
California - Unfortunately, they will be rather large; 5,000 Sf (465
Sq Meters).

The clients, architect and contractor have agreed on a Tuscany style
which will include a (concrete-based) "stone" veneer on the tower. I
have already vetoed the stone over the Bales, but I felt that it
would be best to run it past all of you just in the unlikely event
that someone had figured out a way to make stone cladding vapor
permeable (Yes, I know that's an oxymoron).

Perhaps you could treat the stone veneer as a sort of rain screen...
If the bales were plastered first to remove problems with fire and
vermin and such, then the stone could be laid up in front of it -
there's typically some gap between the stone and whatever's behind it
anyway.  At least, that's how they do it around here.  Add in
ventilation top and bottom, and you're home free.

Bill Christensen
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