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Re: GSBN:Stone Veneer over Bales


This is parcularly for Kim but maybe some others will be interested by the
There's a building in Quebec city which had two exterior walls restored with
straw bales, finished inside with clay and outside with a rainscreen type of
cladding. It is 4 stories high and the work was completed two years ago. I
don't know the exact composition of the wall but Louis-Martin Guenette could
probably provide it since he was part of the team who originated and built
those walls. He also has some follow-up done on the project.
For those who met him, he attended the Ontario conference last October. His
e-mail is: lmguenette@...

Michel Bergeron
6282, de Saint-Vallier
Montr?al. Qu?.
H2S 2P5
(514) 271-8684

Le 19/03/07 09:16, ÇÊkim thompsonÊÈ shipharbour@... a ?critÊ:

> Hello All,
> It is intriguing how questions emerge in such a symbiotic way... This
> one relating to the stone/brick veneer scenario.
> A cement (concrete) board rain screen is being considered as an
> option on a project in the works for central Halifax, this summer. It
> seems this approach might present some of the same cavity/moisture
> issues that you mention Rene.
> The builder is  in the preliminary stages of designing  a three story
> (residential/commercial) structure. He does not want to take any
> chances with plaster failure on this first urban structure in this
> area (hence the cement board option). Space is tight on the lot. The
> project is confined to a rather limited footprint (30'x40').  Roof
> overhangs present encroachment on adjacent properties, so they are
> currently almost non existent. A basically flat, living roof is
> proposed; shallow insulated slab on grade, with Geo-thermal.
> It is a three story structure so  there would be a little more wind
> flex than with a lower structure. He would like to stick with the
> typical method of applying the plaster (clay slip+1.5" straw
> reinforced earth plaster with 5% lime+lime plaster) directly to the
> bales (no mesh  except where material transitions would recommend
> it). Do you see any immediately obvious reasons not to do that i.e.
> related in particular to the flex at three stories. . It is
> surrounded by other city buildings, so unlikely to be constantly
> hammered with driving rains. Rene, I believe you said there were
> several 3-5 (??) storey buildings in your part of the world.
> I can post sketches somewhere, if that would be helpful.
> Thanks for your thoughts on this one!
> kim