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Re: GSBN:Stone Veneer over Bales

If you don't want to make faux stone using plaster, which would be the
approach with the most integrity, then I would suggest either a detail
similar to a rainscreen, that would allow some ventilation between the stone
and the plaster wall.  Another alternative would be to set small stones in
the plaster, kind of an exposed aggregate on steroids, allowing for some
plaster between the stones to permit vapor diffusion.  You'd have to be
careful that the construction didn't actually cause more leakage than


On 3/19/07, Bob Bolles Bob@... wrote:

Hi John,
> Funny that we are working on a similar project this time in Jordon
> with stone cladding however the rainfall pattern is only 40mm or less
> than 2" per annum.  Problem is it all comes in one day or so I am
> told.

I think the number of parallel paths that you and I have traveled at times
is most remarkable.

This is Southern California, that is typically hot and dry - this is the
driest winter on record, I'm told. I believe that our "average" rainfall
about 9 Inches (23 Cm), and the most rain that I can recall receiving was
about 26 Inches (66 Cm); not a lot of rain by some standards, but a lot
than in Jordan.

> How we waterproof them well:
> May I suggest we render the bales first of all with lime water proof
> the lime render and then attach the stone walls using expert stone
> masons.

Sounds like the right approach to attach the plaster to the bales and then
the stone to the wall - what kind of waterproofing would you use?

My concern is the one that we have dealt with for years - trapping the
moisture within the walls and creating a wet environment that could/will
promote fungal growth.

> Just an idea let me know if you want some conceptual architects

I would appreciate that a lot, Senior Lupo


Bob Bolles
Sustainable Building Systems

John Swearingen
Skillful Means, Inc.
Design and Construction

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