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Re: GSBN:Stone Veneer over Bales

Thanks Michel. I will drop a note to Louis-Martin. I remember him from the conference. Will share any comments he might have with the list.


On 19-Mar-07, at 2:03 PM, Bergeron wrote:


This is parcularly for Kim but maybe some others will be interested by the
There's a building in Quebec city which had two exterior walls restored with straw bales, finished inside with clay and outside with a rainscreen type of cladding. It is 4 stories high and the work was completed two years ago. I don't know the exact composition of the wall but Louis-Martin Guenette could probably provide it since he was part of the team who originated and built
those walls. He also has some follow-up done on the project.
For those who met him, he attended the Ontario conference last October. His
e-mail is: lmguenette@...

Michel Bergeron
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Le 19/03/07 09:16, Ç kim thompson È shipharbour@... a ?crit :

Hello All,

It is intriguing how questions emerge in such a symbiotic way... This
one relating to the stone/brick veneer scenario.
A cement (concrete) board rain screen is being considered as an
option on a project in the works for central Halifax, this summer. It
seems this approach might present some of the same cavity/moisture
issues that you mention Rene.

The builder is  in the preliminary stages of designing  a three story
(residential/commercial) structure. He does not want to take any
chances with plaster failure on this first urban structure in this
area (hence the cement board option). Space is tight on the lot. The
project is confined to a rather limited footprint (30'x40').  Roof
overhangs present encroachment on adjacent properties, so they are
currently almost non existent. A basically flat, living roof is
proposed; shallow insulated slab on grade, with Geo-thermal.

It is a three story structure so  there would be a little more wind
flex than with a lower structure. He would like to stick with the
typical method of applying the plaster (clay slip+1.5" straw
reinforced earth plaster with 5% lime+lime plaster) directly to the
bales (no mesh  except where material transitions would recommend
it). Do you see any immediately obvious reasons not to do that i.e.
related in particular to the flex at three stories. . It is
surrounded by other city buildings, so unlikely to be constantly
hammered with driving rains. Rene, I believe you said there were
several 3-5 (??) storey buildings in your part of the world.

I can post sketches somewhere, if that would be helpful.

Thanks for your thoughts on this one!


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