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Re: GSBN:Stone Veneer over Bales

In a message dated 3/18/07 8:04:51 PM, john.skillfulmeans@...:

> in the old days, like, i mean decades ago, ancient history, skilled
> plasterers used to shape stone-like features in lime plaster.Ê look around
> any downtown built in the early 20th century and you will see plenty of
> this.Ê the tools are still available...(i think michel at transmineral has
> some.
> <a  target="_blank" href="http://www.transmineralusa.com/";>http://www.transmineralusa.com/</a>
The plasterer of one of the old Nebraska hay-bale houses did exactly that, 
using a tool to create grooves in the plaster.   The old photo we have gives the 
false impression that the building is made using big, rectangular blocks of 
stone.   Maybe The Last Straw could earn some extra cash by patenting the idea 
and selling franchises.   Perhaps it could be called "Fauxstone".   If that 
name is already trademarked, how about "Foe-stone--your best defense against 
aggressive tax collectors" 

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