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GSBN:Fwd: Lecture at Genesis on Tuesday March 20

For information

We held a fund raising event at the Genesis project in Taunton (www.genesisproject.com/genesis05/index.html) for Caroline Barry whose Somerset strawbale building was burned down ( suspicious circumstances)
and raised £134 sterling plus $100 (US!)

Photos can be seen on www.carolinebarry.org.uk
and www.rebuildmyecohome.co.uk

Donations are still sought

Tom Woolley

From: carostraw@...
Date: 21 March 2007 10:39:37 GMT+00:00
To: Tom Woolley woolley.tom@...
Cc: Tim Simmons Tim.Simmons@...
Subject: Re: Lecture at Genesis on Tuesday March 20

Dear Tom what a wonderful evening
i am so very grateful to you for lecturing for us
we raised £134 AND 100 dolars !!
will be doing a piece for the local paper with photos if that is ok with you
hoping bbc will attend the rebuild and film for us
love caroline

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