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Re: GSBN:"Biggest strawbale building in Europe"

We have worked with a couple clients on this idea, one which actually
came to fruition.  I am not sure what our clients cost/sf was, but
ModCell's website says £250 per square meter.  If I am not mistaken,
this equates to (£250 / sm / 10.8 sf / sm) £23 per square foot.  At
todays exchange rate that is $45/sf.  That is roughly twice as much as
what we do a hand-built wall for here in Colorado.  Maybe they have a
secret on how to really make money building bale walls.  I would expect
it to be less expensive than site-built walls.  I do not know how much a
site-built wall costs in the UK.

I would also be curious to see their base-of wall flashing detail, or
how they treat moisture if it gets behind the render.