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RE: GSBN:"Biggest strawbale building in Europe"

Yes, I like the idea of pre-fabrication in principle but so far it is
proving to be very expensive in practice. However, we are able to build
loadbearing strawbale walls, (not including base or wallplates) plastered
both sides with 30mm lime render, for £80/m2 (this is using a professional
team of experienced strawbale builders).
Another downside to pre-fabrication is the loss of all the fun clients and
their community can have on site, helping to build!

Does anyone know of large buildings in Europe by the way?

Best wishes

We have been working on some lovely buildings in the last year and here are
a few websites to take a look at to see what we mean!
With the National Trust www.strawfootprint.org
With Agbrigg and Bellevue Allotment Association
www.outwoodcommunityvideo.co.uk (look in Movies section for strawbale)

Warning! Strawbale Building Can Seriously Transform Your Life!
Amazon Nails-Strawbalefutures. A not-for-profit social enterprise.
Tel: 00 44 (0) 845 458 2173
Hollinroyd Farm, Todmorden, W.Yorks OL14 8RJ

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We have worked with a couple clients on this idea, one which actually
came to fruition.  I am not sure what our clients cost/sf was, but
ModCell's website says &#xA3;250 per square meter.  If I am not mistaken,
this equates to (&#xA3;250 / sm / 10.8 sf / sm) &#xA3;23 per square foot.  At
todays exchange rate that is $45/sf.  That is roughly twice as much as
what we do a hand-built wall for here in Colorado.  Maybe they have a
secret on how to really make money building bale walls.  I would expect
it to be less expensive than site-built walls.  I do not know how much a
site-built wall costs in the UK.

I would also be curious to see their base-of wall flashing detail, or
how they treat moisture if it gets behind the render.