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Re: GSBN:Compression

Hi, Maren,

Can you explain more fully the information that you are looking for?
Reading your question, I am unsure of what you want.  Obviously, bales
can be compressed different amounts, using different compression
systems, such as straps, threaded rod, pneumatic tubes, etc.  People
often refer to these methods as pre-compression.  Is that what you are
thinking about?

In theory, unplastered bales under load will compress indefinitely.  In
a wall assembly, the engineers assure us that the plaster takes the
load, and plastered bales won't compress any further.


--On April 18, 2007 6:47:20 PM +0000 Maren Termens
autoconstruccin@... wrote:

Hi all!

Does somebody know the % of compression of bales layed on side?

 Thanks, Maren

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