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RE: GSBN:Article on Loadbearing

Hi Andre - that's great, yes we'll try help.  I'll attach a couple per
email.  Hope they're useful.  I imagine you will get a good response...
please can I ask that you, if possible, send us copies/a cd of responses?
We do presentations and it would be great to add new examples (with details
of who's builds they are and maybe dates?)  Don't want to add extra work for
you, but would really appreciate this.
Hope all's well with you and yours... will you be in Germany?
Love bee x
Attached here are two of Ecology Building Society Board Room 2005 (their
building society members were able to help build).  Lime render outside, and
clay plaster inside.  Low impact foundations - limecrete with leca
insulation.  Ver shallow, with no damp proof course, no cement.  First time
these have got through building regulations in the UK.

We have been working on some lovely buildings in the last year and here are
a few websites to take a look at to see what we mean!
With the National Trust www.strawfootprint.org
With Agbrigg and Bellevue Allotment Association
www.outwoodcommunityvideo.co.uk (look in Movies section for strawbale)
With Carol Atkinson www.homegrownhome.co.uk  ö the worldâs first strawbale
mobile home
Warning! Strawbale Building Can Seriously Transform Your Life!
Amazon Nails-Strawbalefutures. A not-for-profit social enterprise.
Tel: 00 44 (0) 845 458 2173
Hollinroyd Farm, Todmorden, W.Yorks OL14 8RJ

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Hello everyone,

I've been asked to write an article on loadbearing SB construction for a
French ecological construction/home magazine and therefore I'm looking
for some nice pictures of finished loadbearing homes (both small and
larger) and some jobsite action.

Anyone? (feel free to clog my inbox ;-)


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