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Re: GSBN:France is Looking for alternatives for burning rice straw

Thanks John, John, Paul and David for your help.
Don't hesitate (anyone) to sent more if at some point in time you
stumble on other uses/info as this research is at its very early stages.

Bale on,


John Swearingen a ?crit :

I've forwarded your query to a couple of California rice farmers.


On 5/15/07, André de Bouter forum@... wrote:

Hello California (and other rice straw users/researchers),

In the south of France rice is grown and I have been contacted recently
by Christelle MONIER an agriculture engineer specialized in durable
vegetable production (Ing?nieur Agronome sp?cialis? en Production
V?g?tale Durable) working for INRA (a well respected agriculture science
research institute).

She is trying to find alternatives to the burning of the 50 000t of rice
straw per year and is interested in SB as one of the alternatives to
research. Some of the challenges are: the rice is harvested while the
leaves are still green. The straw is taken out of the fields in autumn
while the fields are very wet.

She will buy Bruce King's new bible and is interested in communicating
with some of you who can help her sharing your (rice straw) experience.

Also, don't hesitate to share any other uses of rice straw (to me or via
the list). I'll gladly forward them to Christelle.


La Maison en Paille

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