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Re: GSBN:Re Thermal Properties of Straw Bale Walls

G ' day Nehemiah

Andrew Webb replied on GSBN but here is a copy:

For what it's worth, BERS Pro, the energy-rating software, gives a value
of R5.25 for a 520 thick rendered bale wall and R9.80 for a 970 thick
wall (allowed 35mm render both sides).


Also, your Q about how compaction affects R-value is a potent question.  If
hot box testing wasn't so expensive and time consuming, or if there were

I am 100% sure and convinced that the jumbo bales are far better
compacted than the small standard bales.  The balers that make jumbo
bales are far more sophisticated than the standard small balers.  I
cannot prove it but the look and feel of a jumbo bale especially when
cut with a chain saw proves it to me personally.

The problem with jumbo bales is that they are heavy and need machinery
to move them and also they take up a larger footprint.  However they
are easier to build with provide very straight walls and can go very
high load bearing, at least to 5.6 metres and probably higher.  As for
time they are much quicker to build with.

Hence my preference in using them and even on edge they give very strong walls.

Thanks again to all of you for the answers and for the questions that
need answering.

John Glassford.
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