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Re: GSBN:Clay/ Earth: Multilingual Terminology Glossary

Thanks Dirk!

By the way Matts, the next (book) project of this Gaulois is translating
and publishing Bruce's "Design of SB buildings". (after the pictures and
the inspiration follow the numbers and hard facts)

Best regards to all of you,


Dirk Scharmer- FASBA a ?crit :
Maybe this is interesting for someone:

A Multilingual Terminology Glossary for Clay/ Earth construction for
translation from/ into english, french, spain, russian, german on
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.dachverband-lehm.de/de/05_wissen/05-4_wissen_glossar.htm#";>http://www.dachverband-lehm.de/de/05_wissen/05-4_wissen_glossar.htm#</a>

Dirk Scharmer

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