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Re: GSBN:Colombia

Hello Andre, and Bill Christensen,

Darrel DeBoer (architect in California) I know has something to say about
this subject.  He has done much work with bamboo in Colombia, and has done
much work with straw bale in California.  Bruce King and I nominated him
back in February, and I thought that he had been accepted and added to the
GSbN list.  I just spoke with him, and apparently not.  Is this just an

He wants very much to participate, and can add much to the informed,
informative, inquisitive, erudite, incisive, amusing, sometimes fiesty,
sometimes rambling (like what I'm doing now), often profound dialogue that
is the GSBN.

His e-mail is:  Darrel@...


Martin Hammer

> Hello,
> One of my workshop participants is Colombian and plans on going back to
> his homeland. (He also has some contacts with a university there).
> He would like to know if any SB building is happening there and, if so,
> he'd like some contact information. Anyone?
> Bye,
> Andr?
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