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Re: GSBN:Re Thermal Properties of Straw Bale Walls

During a BWB workshop Ari Gore shared yet another little improvement for
getting rid of the holes between the bales layed flat as the bales tend
to have rounded corners on the up- and bottom side. Simply lay a handful
of straw on the joints between the bales before you place the next row.

______ * _____ * _____ * _____  * _____
|______ ||______ ||______ ||______ ||______ |

Also place a handful next to the bale before placing the next one.

|______ |

A lot easier than pushing the straw (or straw-clay) in once the wall is up.

And you'll notice that bales on edge (or on end for that matter)  match
much better (the rounded corners are now on the surface and easily


billc a ?crit :
At 8:08 AM +1000 5/25/07, John Glassford wrote:

We prefer to build them in the raw and do a solid pre-compression and
then fill any gaps with a cob mix.

Since it can be difficult to do gap-filling in the first place, would
it make better sense to stuff and *then* compress, allowing the straw
to mold into the cob?

Bill Christensen

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John Glassford a ?crit :
Good idea Bill and in effect that what happens but with good
preparation of each bale and good bales in the first place this is not
such a problem gaps that is.  Also the pre-compression using all
thread as per Steens or the hybrid method seen here is the way to go:

<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.glassford.com.au/Custom_meredith.htm";>http://www.glassford.com.au/Custom_meredith.htm</a>

The rods on each side of the wall every 1.8 metres work a treat and
are much easer and stronger than any other method that I have used
including fencing wire, gripples and straps of all types.

Just my two bobs worth mate.

Kind regards
El Lupo
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