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Re: GSBN: dipped Bale Walls and something else

> André (not so sure about 'Freedom' dip ;-) de Bouter
> By the way, we now have a president (Sarkozy) compared to whom Bush
> might be a nice guy.

Andre, I can't imagine this is possible, but my condolences if it is true.

So, off the topic of straw bales, but far more important, I apologize to the
rest of the GSBN world on the day after our spineless Congress gave money
for our insane president to perpetuate his murderous debacle in Iraq.

I'm sure there's some agreement to keep political comments off this list, so
someone tell me to never do this again if you like.  But I'm furious about
this, and I want the non-US GSBNers to know that this American is disgusted
by what our government is doing to Iraq and many other parts of the world.

On a lighter, more positive note, straw bales are still a really good thing.

Martin Hammer