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GSBN:Upon reflection

GSBN members,

I send this without reading any response to my last impassioned e-mail.  It
was misplaced and I just let it go in the moment.  The GSBN is about straw
bale and natural building.

At the same time we are all working in local, regional, and worldwide
contexts, and occasionally there's an elephant in the room that is too large
to ignore, even if there is no direct or apparent connection between it and
straw bale.

But of course this could easily get out of hand, so one must use great
deliberation to go off topic.

So I'll bring it back to bales by saying the following:

Andre's comment (about Sarkozy/Bush) lit a match under me.  I was a bale,
clearly on-edge, whose strings had broken, and I went up in flames.

I'll try to keep a fire-extinguisher nearby in the future.

Martin Hammer