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Re: GSBN:Re: Wind loads and racking

Thanks for that Derek,

I didn't mean to sound too polite ;)  There is so much work around here
that it's hard to get anyone to spend much time thinking about
out-of-the-ordinary details, especially for housing; so, I'm giving him
the benefit of the doubt.   He has seen the In- and Out of Plane tests
and isn't satisfied.  I have given him copies of John Zhang and Mike
Faine's reports too.  I had suggested Bruce's new book to him, so we'll
see how it goes.  I'll look into the welded wire mesh more closely.

All the best,

Derek Roff wrote:
I am confident that this engineer has put a lot of thought into this and
his concerns are justified.

I appreciate the politeness of your summation above, but I think the rest
of your message brings this into question.