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GSBN:Re: Wind loads and racking

Here in California, it seems every engineer brings yet a different take
on the detailing possibilities.  As an architect to whom all fingers
point when costs rise, I'm always looking for the best "bang for the
buck" esp. for hidden places it's hard to convince the client to spend

I've become a believer in soft mesh:  fishing net in particular inside
and outside the wall.  Then, polypropylene string to tie the two
together, placed between lifts about half a meter apart.  Ideally, you
dig a trench, lay the mesh in, fill with gravel, set a couple lifts of
gravel bags above grade, build your wall and pull the mesh up as you go
and attach the mesh to the top plate (we've been using box beams).
There may be some plaster cracking as things settle, but avoiding
concrete altogether is ideal if we're really serious about having an
impact someday.  It's not hard to do, and I can't imagine this assembly

Stop me if you've heard this before.

Darrel DeBoer

Andrew Webb wrote:

for that Derek,

I didn't mean to sound too polite ;)  There is so much work around here

that it's hard to get anyone to spend much time thinking about

out-of-the-ordinary details, especially for housing; so, I'm giving him

the benefit of the doubt.   He has seen the In- and Out of Plane tests

and isn't satisfied.  I have given him copies of John Zhang and Mike

Faine's reports too.  I had suggested Bruce's new book to him, so we'll

see how it goes.  I'll look into the welded wire mesh more closely.

All the best,


Derek Roff wrote:

I am confident that this engineer has put a
lot of thought into this and

his concerns are justified.

I appreciate the politeness of your summation above, but I think the

of your message brings this into question.


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