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Re: GSBN:Re: Wind loads and racking

Hi Darrel,
Sounds interesting.  What compression system do you use with that
detail?  I presume you would fix the mesh to the top plates after
compression?  In relation to the Out of Plane tests, is your mesh
similar to Cintoflex C plastic mesh?

Most of the houses I've designed have been raised on posts due to the
topography.  These are usually 75 shs galv. steel due to termites and
bracing capacity.  The bale walls are then built on a timber-framed
platform.  This means you have quite a few pin joints to brace and/or
turn into fixed joints.  Your mesh detail might still be of benefit but
I wouldn't get the advantage of structural homogeneity right down to the
footings.  That said, I don't need to - from floor frame down is
more-or-less standard construction and bracing.

Food for thought, thanks.


Darrel DeBoer wrote:
I've become a believer in soft mesh:  fishing net in particular inside
and outside the wall.