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GSBN:Resending message

Hi Joyce.
Below you'll find a reply intended for the GSBN.
But my current bestfuncioning emailaddress: larskeller@...isn't on
the subscriber list.
Can you help me to get it on, and forward this message to the GSBN


I've just been involved in the planning of the grey- & blackwater plant for
14 new houses on Friland.
Nothing has been built yet.

Our most thorough plan looks like this:

no such thing. Everyone uses waterless separation compost toilets.
Urine goes in common storage tank. Either to be diluted with water and used
on common garden, or sold off to local eco-farmer.
Feces get collected by the shitdealer who oversees the compost-plant
according to monitored and continuously evaluated procedures.

Goes to filter-tank.
Then to vertical, biological, 100m2 (horizontal area), several meters deep
area filled with porous material and high consuming wetland plants on top.
50% is recirculated via the filtertank.