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Re: GSBN:straw potententials

 You are really brave Martin. Personally, I wouldn't touch this topic with a ten foot pole...but I've been trying to figure out the spelling of the word potententials... what are entials?

And Martin, I think it's a fallacy to think that there could ever be a graceful exit from here...


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Subject: Re: GSBN:straw potententials

Someone needs to break the silence on this.  I tread lightly into dangerous
territory and speculate that is the first time that word has been used on
the GSBN (three times, no less).

If one dared, one might say that said project is a seminal work in straw
building.  There is no shortage of places one might take this, and probably
none of them should be pursued.  With that, I now look for a graceful exit,
which I can't seem to find.

Martin Hammer

> Hi, hi,
> this is no SPAM ;-))) yet hot straw-world-news:
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> straw. The picture you find on:
> <a  target="_blank" href="http://skirmisher.org/strange-things-to-see/chinese-amusement-park-erects-worl";>http://skirmisher.org/strange-things-to-see/chinese-amusement-park-erects-worl</a>
> ds-largest-penis/
> This thing is 9 m high made of 2000 m straw attached to a steel frame
> construction.
> Story behind: Legend says a Shaman hero named Ewenki vanquished a cruel
> female ruler and gave her a penis totem, telling her to respect males and
> not kill them at will. After this, the ruler set a penis totem on top of the
> hill.
> Best wishes,
> Martin Oehlmann
> Brittany
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