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Re: GSBN: Wind loads and racking


You hit the tie on the head. To function it needs to spread the load
over the plaster surface. I think that any system of ties, sewing will
have a hard time giving a better performance then the adherence of the
plaster to the bales themselves. The strength is in the amount of
connections and not in the strength of a potentially highly loaded
single connection. The problem for most engineers thought is that the
mechanical properties of the strawbales and plaster are not that clear
tending them to revert to conventional trusted technologies.

Based on the information I have on the project under question I wonder
what loads the engineer expects to require extra cross ties between the
plaster surfaces. The various tests show that a SB wall is sufficiently
strong to resist considerable loads.

On Jun 7, 2007, at 01:27, Andrew Webb wrote:

Bruce King wrote:

If it can be yanked out (or in), i.e., away
from the plane of the plaster, then it's doing you no good.

This seems to point to a crucial flaw in the wire-tie proposal?


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