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Re: GSBN: Wind loads and racking

FYI design wind speeds are:
Serviceability limit state 39 m/s
Permissible stress method 50 m/s
Ultimate limit state 61 m/s

With global warming in mind it is becoming common to design for the next
higher wind class which would be 47, 60 and 74 m/s respectively.

So, it's not unreasonable to be concerned about the integrity of the
wall (as it never would be), but the proposed solution is faulty.  I
need to convince this engineer of that without making my clients the
guinea pigs.  Bruce et al's book arrived a couple of days ago.  I will
meet with the engineer again next week armed with all the information
and some good advice, thanks everyone.


Rene Dalmeijer wrote:
Based on the information I have on the project under question I wonder
what loads the engineer expects to require extra cross ties between the
plaster surfaces....