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Re: GSBN:Cemento

In terms of deciding priorities, there was a line that helped me
tremendously in Stuart Cowan / Sim Van der Ryn's book, Ecological
Design.  They mention it almost in passing that 97% of the energy used
in buildings in the U.S. is "maintenance energy" which is what is
required to heat, cool and fix.  In those terms, strawbale construction
is simply a cheap form of insulation, and the energy-intensiveness of
any of the materials pales in comparison.  (but I still want to stop
using cement anyway!)

-- Darrel Deboer

Martin Hammer wrote:

Last week a "plan checker" who was reviewing two straw bale houses I
designed presented the friendly challenge that, in environmental terms,
straw bale buildings are a case of the "the emperor's new clothes" (from the
Hans Christen Andersen tale, where the emperor claimed to be wearing
beautiful clothes, but actually had nothing on).  That they aren't
particularly green if they are large or use a lot of concrete, or depending
on other materials they use.

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