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Re: GSBN:Snow loads and load bearing. Is it a lost cause ?!!!

Hello Lars,

I'm not strong in calculations so I cannot respond to your demand know
if you are wrong.

How mini are your mini bigbales?

What I want to suggest is that you contact Werner Schmidt in
Switzerland. Ren? Dallmeijer put me in contact with him yesterday for my
article on lb sb and I had a look at his website (quite impressive). One
of the pictures I saw is of testing compression strength of a Jumbo bale
and an other of a loadbearing jumbo bale house with lots of snow on
top.  <a  target="_blank" href="http://www.atelierwernerschmidt.ch/realisiert.html";>http://www.atelierwernerschmidt.ch/realisiert.html</a> I don't know if
his are big bigbales.

In his email he sayd:
...This year we are building 3 Strawbale houses. All buildings are
constructed with Jumbobales, two of them are loadbearing construction
and one of them is a loadbearig three story house...

That makes me wonder. Is Werner Schmidt part of the GSBN? I think he
should be.


Andr&eacute; (how come that apple fell on my head?) de Bouter

Lars Keller a ?crit :
Dear GSBN'ers

In Norway a permit was recently given a go-ahead to a 50 building
strong eco-village. By far the grandest ever in Norway.

It has this far been our plan to build the very first of the houses
using mini bigbales in a loadbearing construction.

BUT &#xD0; and this is the reason I write to you: when the other day we sat
down and looked very carefully at Bruce Kings data in his amazing book
"Design of Straw Bale Buildings", it appears to us that we discovered,
that loadbearing, clayplastered, onestory buildings are NOT an option
in Norway.

Given that:
the snowload varies from 2.5 kN/m2 to 8 kN/m2
adding up the snow load, including dynamic load, the roof itself, and
a build in loft, this adds up to 43 kN/m2 on the loadbearing straw
bale wall.
Basing the calculation on a hybrid construction we get 24,5 kN/m2
straw bale wall.

According to Bruce's book these figures are WAY beyond the limit.

Can anyone please tell me that we're wrong ?

Best regards
Lars Keller