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Re: GSBN:An inquiry from France...

Hello David.
I've send an email to Véronique Samson.
Thanks for your message.

Luc Floissac (from France).

David Eisenberg a écrit :
Hello all,

Here is an inquiry from a French architect that came to DCAT. I wrote back with contact info for Andre and Martin and ESBN as well as TLS and EBnet, but I'm hoping that some of you might contact her directly to offer more regionally appropriate information than I can provide from here (BTW, it's going to be 111 degrees F in Tucson today).


David Eisenberg

From: "DCAT"

Date: July 4, 2007 9:43:22 AM MST

Subject: DCAT.net Form

Email: armor09@...

Questions: hello,

I am an architect working in France and I am
more and more interesting in building houses in straw bales. As France
is not as far as your country in such a field, I am asking you about
your research concerning this material, in aspect of warmth, of
moisture, of condition of storage, if you have information about
clading surfaces outdoor and indoor, etc and etc

Can you inform me?

I would be glad to get news from you.


Véronique Samson

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