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GSBN:European Straw Bale Gathering 2007 in Siebenlinden

Dear Friends,

the preparation for the gathering from 9 th  to the12 th aof August is
getting more and more interesting.
A lot of great people offered to talk like Professor Minke (German clay
specialist) about load bearing buildings, Luc Floissac from France, who
very involved in buildings codes, Catherine Wanek from the US comes with
her new book, Maren Thermes from Spain and Lars Keller from Denmark,
Zuzana Kierulfova from Slovakia, Rachel Shiamh from the UK, Gernot Minke
from Germany....
Many others already announced to be interested in coming, but did not
apply yet.
The German fasba will present results from the latest tests concerning
moisture (funghis) and about loadbearing capacities of small bales and
big bales.

Right up to now we are pleased to welcome participants from Spain,
Denmark, USA, UK, France, Slovakia, Belarus, Afghanistan, Estonia,
Turkey and Hungary!!

If you would like to give a report about themes of your country please
give me a short summary in advance so we can make up a reader in advance.
At the end of the conference we would burn all presentations and results
of workinggroups on Cd for all participants.

For your presentations please try to answer following questions:
structure, dimension, of national straw bale organisation, if there is
any, and the key aspects of activity/ how you are organized/ how you
interact and cooperate/ form of legal approvals, backgrounds of building
permissions/ kind and number of straw bale homes built in your country/
main construction methods and techniques/ what kinds of tests you
accomplished/ how you use the results......

Please think of bringing your posters, flyers and any kind of
publications, books or movies to show.
We will also have a bookshop with a large range of titles.

It is now only 5 weeks to the ESBG
and we start to get really excited about the prospect of getting the
opportunity to give a reviving drive to this subject of building with
straw in an European context.

for the ESBG 2007 (European Straw Bale Gathering) there is now an
English Flyer with the whole program and poster on the Website of fasba:
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.downloads.fasba.de/esbg2007-flyer-engl.pdf";>http://www.downloads.fasba.de/esbg2007-flyer-engl.pdf</a>
<a  target="_blank" href="http://www.downloads.fasba.de/esbg-plakat-en.pdf";>http://www.downloads.fasba.de/esbg-plakat-en.pdf</a>
and it is also there in German, in Spanish and also in French.

Please forward these informations to your friends and especially in your
national straw bale network.

The deadline for the reduced price of 125 Euros is the 1.rst of July.
Afterwards we will charge a higher amount of 175 Euros, since we need to
plan this meeting and make arrangements long enough in advance.

Especially those of you who would like to give a presentation should
send to me a summary of your handout so we can plan the details of the
program and give short informations to all participants. Please tell me
too if you want to show films and if you need space for exhibitions.
Next week I will get a list of low cost accommodations that are close to
Siebenlinden and I will send it to you.

I?m sure we will have a intensive professional exchange an inspiring
atmosphere of cooperation!!

I hope to see a lot of you or of your fellow people

I wish you all the best.
Sissy Hein

From Fasba Germany

Sissy Hein
Auf dem Schloss
99438 Tonndorf
0049 1577 3910141