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Re: GSBN:Re: GSBN:Straw Bale in Lithuania

<x-flowed ISO-2022-JP>Evgeny,

My I congratulate you on your very good work. I am sure all of us on
this list are aware and some lucky ones maybe a little less, what
struggles you have had to overcome to get as far as you are now.

Generally we have to fight two battles:

Officials who are resistent to change. Education and informing works
wonders often making partners of them in the long run.

A bigger problem is overcoming the vested interests of corporations.

In many countries we now have building codes which are decidedly
unsupportive to the use of sustainable building materials. When
carefully examined some of the codes are prescriptive to the use of
highly engineered proprietary building materials basically defending
the vested interests of the building industry.

The challenge ahead is to now raise awareness at boardroom level in
these industries, that resistance to the acceptance to more sustainable
materials will damage their long term interests. We are not fighting
the corporations we are fighting a lack of awareness. Therefore all
projects and endeavours like your projects Evgeny that have and create
exposure are very useful in promoting sustainable building methods. The
crazy idea of building SB houses being a very good one. Though we all
must make sure what we build are good and inspiring ones.

On Jul 11, 2007, at 08:59, Evgen Shirokov wrote:

Dear SB brothers and sisters,

Edita visit us last winter, and I hope, SB housing will have great
future in
Nothing new with "official resistance": it's normal reaction from
burecracy any kind - state, construction, sometimes UN-GEF (last year
our $4000000 SB project with Belarus state co-finance 50/50 was
rejected by new "GEF climate officials" on last stage with resume:"We
don't intrested in this project").

My visit in Moscow last week was intresting: we participate in Russian
National competition "House of Future for Russia" with our new SB
houses? was elected as finalists, and get best estimation from
experts, but get only second prize: top construction official told
us:" If we say, that future housing of Russia will be SB, President
will deside -we all are crazy". But SB "show must go on" - our SB
projects rize up this year in 6 regions of Russia - Krasnodar,
Volgograd, Uhta, Moscow, Omsk, Novosibirsk. We get a lot of resistance
from construction business and local governments, but SB houses will
be finished and officially adopted this year in Russia.

Evgeny Shirokov

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From: Martin Hammer mfhammer@...
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2007 07:36:08 -0700
Subject: GSBN:Straw Bale in Lithuania

Hello all -

I recently received a request from a woman in Lithuania (Edita
for the English translation of the Belarusian SB Code that I
last year.

Please read this because it leads to some of the most disturbing news
bold) I have ever heard regarding government resistance to straw bale


"I am from Lithuania from Renewable Energy Information Consultation
Now we do international project ?Promotion of Straw Bale Building for
Climate Change Mitigation?. The main aim of this project is to inform
educate society about straw bale technology and to reduce the impact
building process to climate change."

"Up till now straw bale building is not legal in Lithuania. So we are
collecting information from other countries around and translate to
Lithuania for showing to decision makers. Belorussian information
help a lot, because this country is close to Lithuania."

I provided the Belarusian Code and other resources to her.  She

?It is very important legalizing straw bale building in Lithuania.
And we
will do this step by step.
At the moment it is a lack of understanding at the governmental
institutions, but straw bale building is considered very seriously -
yesterday one specialist from Environmental Protection Agency called
said they analyze possibility to send me to a prison because of
'misleading' Lithuanian society by promoting straw bale building.
May be it
is connected with attitude of building organizations, which earns huge
profits from selling building materials and have good relations with
governmental institutions.?

?I hope that after one year period there will be no obstacles for
people to
build with straw in Lithuania.?

I would appreciate anyone who could contact and offer assistance to
especially those in the region.  Am I correct there is no one from
on the GSBN?

You can see what her organization is about on their website:
In the upper right corner you can click on EN to put the text in
Edita?s other contact information is as follows:

Edita Milutien?
AtsinaujinanХios energijos informacijos konsultacinis centras
Vytenio 10-60, 03001 Vilnius, LITHUANIA

The last line is her e-mail address, and I have copied her on this

Thank you to anyone who can assist Edita and her organization?s
work.  Contact from Evgeny Shirokov could be particularly helpful.

Martin Hammer

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