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RE: GSBN:SB codes resource

Heh Rene
Excellent Idea
We here in South Africa would hugely welcome the idea of an international
guide to SB codes...and to help give exposure to it, we could all add links
to the site on our web sites.

Kind regards
Andy Horn

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Subject: GSBN:SB codes resource

Dear members and specifically Martin Hammer,

Based on the question coming form Lithuania. It might be a good idea to
set up a net resource for all specific SB building codes and or
procedures in the various countries.

Basically what I am thinking of is a list of countries with further
subdivisions where necessary for counties etc. This should help a great
deal in making clear what the official status is regarding the
acceptance of straw bale building.

Besides the code or url to the code it should contain a description of
the status of the code the governing body when accepted etc. If at all
possible links to official sites should be given.

I am not sure where to place the resource yet. If needed I could
support it on www.strobouw.nl given a completely separate page.

Kind regards
Rene Dalmeijer

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