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GSBN:Rubble Trench Foundations (cont'd)

Everyone - Here is a brief, off-list exchange between GSBN member Bob Bolles
and me re: rubble trench foundations.

Bob Bolles wrote:
A number of years ago, Dave Bainbridge and I were discussing Rubble
Trenches, and he mentioned there was a practice of utilizing "Elephant Foot"
penetrations through the rubble and into the soil below. As described, it is
simply tubular concrete columns that were part of the concrete bond beam.
Even though I used them on a couple of small buildings, I'm afraid that's
about all I remember about the assembly. You might ask Dave more about it if
you want more info. bainbrid@...

In the Roundhouse that I built at Pine Manor in Lake Elsinore I used a
welded wire mesh "Basket" around the rubble that extended completely around
the foundation and the top earthcrete bondbeam.
For what it's worth . . .

>> Martin  Hammer wrote:
>> The building and holdown system
>> sounds  interesting, but I would worry about the welded wire mesh corroding
in and under the  rubble trench.  I suppose it could also be stapled to the
bottom plate so you would be certain to engage the weight of the concrete bond
beam in  case there was corrosion in the trench.

Bob Bolles wrote:
Yes, I also worried about the rusting of the wire 'basket'. I did place it
above the perf-pipe to try and keep as much liquid water off it -
I do like the idea of wrapping the entire rubble trench in wire though -
seems to me to provide a good ground-coupling.

I look forward to future discussions on the GSBN.


Bob Bolles
Sustainable Building Systems
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