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GSBN: Digest for 7/26/07

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-> Re: *** PROBABLY SPAM *** Re: GSBN:strawbale Kenya
     by "Andre_de_Bouter" forum@...


Date: 26 Jul 2007 02:30:34 -0500
From: "Andre_de_Bouter" forum@...
Subject: Re: *** PROBABLY SPAM *** Re: GSBN:strawbale Kenya

Hello David and John,

Farmers are indeed the best source for information. I checked with them
when I decided I wanted to hold a SB workshop in Auroville India (2000).
They stack the rice-straw in the fields, directly on the ground. They
told me that the termites, that were often no more than a few meters
away from the stack of straw, never went for the straw (the same could
not be said about the rats). I did notice however termites eating the
(wet!) side of a SB that was laying on the ground. But this would not be
representative of sb construction as the straw would rot anyway if it
was that wet.
I'd say that the same golden rule applies as with moisture/climate. If
straw can be grown and stored, it can be 'stored' in a wall.

Putting a building on pillars rather than directly on the ground is (in
my opinion) a good thing to do when worried about termites. That way one
can keep checking termite activity (under the building) rather than
having the termites going through a crack in the foundation for a long
time before being aware of the problem. Also it is easier to deal with
the termites when there is acces to them. It can be very difficult to
find a crack in a concrete slab (especially when that crack is below an
internal wall).

Best of luck climbing that rock John!


John Glassford a #233#crit :
> G ' day David
> I will be in Kenya in 13 days time looking at straw bale for Kisumu as
> well as climbing Kilimanjaro for the orphans.  I will look into it for
> you however I expect that the termites will not eat straw in Kenya.  I
> was there for 20 odd years and worked on a mixed farm for 12 months we
> baled straw, wheat and never did I see any termites in the stacks.
> All for now.
> The Straw Wolf
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