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Re: GSBN:Securing Bales


My 17'6" load bearing test wall for the Saudi project was strapped over
the eighth bale using a ladder style mid plate. Then under this plate
and over the top plate we strapped the remaining 6 bales. Note, we were
building a double wythe 2-string bale wall.

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On Aug 27, 2007, at 2:33 PM, Laura Bartels wrote:

My experience is the same for most reasonably sized walls. The
attachment of mesh at material transitions & bucks has been adequate in
most cases. The "velcro" pad of nails that John refers to is also what
we use now.

For taller walls, I'd be curious to hear who else uses a mid-height
with compression for stiffening and what the construction of the girt
is. I have two projects, one commercial, one public, where we are
looking at this.

That said, when wind loads are high, even smaller walls seem to benefit
from reinforcement (external pinning) during construction even if it is
not called out as needed structurally after plaster.

Laura Bartels